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Atlas Arkhives

The Arkhives exist to examine and publish previously unavailable material relating to issues, neglected groups and pivotal figures within the avant-garde “anti-tradition” of the last 150 years. Where possible each volume takes a documentary format, an anthology edited by the group itself or one edited with the participation of members. Format 21 x 23 cm, paperback, copiously illustrated.

cover image
1. Dada Berlin
DADA Almanac
Edited by Richard Huelsenback in Berlin, 1920
176pp £14.99 Buy item

cover image
2. French Symbolist & Decadent Writing of the 1890s
The Book Of Masks
Based upon the collection by Remy de Gourmont
304pp £14.99 Buy item

cover image
3. Georges Bataille & Acéphale
Encyclopædia Acephalica
Two collections of texts edited by Georges Bataille, and by Robert Lebel & Isabelle Waldberg
176pp £14.99 Buy item

cover image
4. Fluxus/Nouveau Réalisme
An Anecdoted Topography of Chance
By Daniel Spoerri with Robert Filliou, Emmett Williams and Dieter Roth, illustrated by Roland Topor
240pp out of print
still available in a special edition

cover image
5. Erik Satie
A Mammal’s Notebook
Selected and introduced by Ornella Volta
208pp out of print
Now available in a new edition.

cover image
6. The Oulipo & Ou-X-Pos
Oulipo Compendium
Oulipo Compendium is a late 20th-century kabala, a labyrinth of literary secrets that will lure the unitiated into rethinking everything they know about books and writing.
336pp £19.99 Buy item
also available in a special edition

cover image
7. The Vienna Actionists
Writings of the Vienna Actionists
Edited, introduced and translated by Malcolm Green in collaboration with the artists
272pp £15.99 Buy item
also available in a special edition

cover image
8. Raymond Roussel
The biography by François Caradec
368pp £18.99 Buy item

cover image
9. The College of ’Pataphysics


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