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The Printed Head
Volume I

Format: 21 x 14.5 cm. 250 numbered copies, of which numbers 1 to 50 are signed where possible. Numbers 1 to 150 are reserved for subscribers, 151 to 250 being available individually.


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cover image
1 Achim Von Arnim
Gentry by Entailment
Novella by one of the strangest of the German Romantics: “Arnim is Surrealist, absolutely.” André Breton
out of print

cover image
2 Cecil Helman
The Golden Toenails of Ambrosio P
Situation: “Midnight. A locked door. The window sealed with a lattice of eyes. The tinkling Countess. The nimble massage of Ambrosio P. The shrill squawks of 400 hermaphrodites. The metamorphosis of the butler.” Resolution: The most peculiar story ever to grace the detective story genre.
£5.50 Buy item

cover image
3 Albert Ehrenstein
In its day the most highly regarded prose text of Expressionism, and rightly so. A tour de force of mordant humour and Schopenhauerian pessimism.
out of print

cover image
4 Remy de Gourmont
Stories in Blue, Black, Violet, Green & Mauve
Stories from de Gourmont’s Couleurs, notable for their cynical and amoral paganism.
out of print

cover image
5 Oskar Pastior
Occluded and sly descriptions of possible and impossible poems by this Transylvanian master, who has recently been elected to the Oulipo.
out of print

cover image
6 Harry Mathews
The American Experience
Five short texts.
out of print

cover image
7 Rikki Ducornet
The Butcher’s Tales
Stories of desire, revenge and ecstasy.
out of print

cover image
8 Benjamin Péret
Mad Balls
Ultra-Sadean shenanigans tastefully illustrated by Yves Tanguy.
out of print

cover image
9 Xavier Forneret
The Diamond in the Grass
Forneret styled himself “Un homme noir, blanc de visage” a mystery on the verges of French Romanticism. This one brief text ensured his fame. Together with a related story by Charles Nodier, The Glow Worm.
out of print

cover image
10 Eric Basso
Equus Caballus
Horses, portraits and underground machinery coalesce into a subterranean mystery of strange import.
£6.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
11 Marcel Mariën
The Life and Death of La Belle Desiderata
Six stories by the bad boy of Belgian Surrealism, obsessive, upsetting, humorous.
out of print

cover image
12 Günter Brus
Five unpublished picturepoem texts from the great Vienna actionist.
out of print

cover image
13 Alastair Brotchie
Documents Pertaining to Ubic Gestation
Ontogeny of Père Ubu.
out of print


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