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The Printed Head
Volume II

Format: 21 x 13.5 cm. 300 numbered copies, of which numbers 1 to 50 are signed where possible. Numbers 1 to 150 are reserved for subscribers, 151 to 300 being available individually.


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cover image
1 Saint-Pol-Roux
Pauses in the Procession
A sequence of prose poems by the greatest of the Symbolists.
out of print

cover image
2 H. C. Artmann
Sweat and Industry
An oblique look at the oddities of everyday toil from one of the principal writers of “The Vienna Group.” Perverse, touching, anachronistic.
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Last few copies

cover image
3/4 Alfred Jarry
Caesar Antichrist
Caesar Antichrist, partly based upon the apocalyptic events of the Book of Revelation, embodies all of Jarry’s future themes, from Symbolism and the anti-world parallel to this one, the domain of Jarry’s famous science of ’Pataphysics, to Ubu himself (one act of the play is a version of Ubu Rex).
out of print
still available separately in a trade edition

cover image
5 Oskar Panizza
The Council of Love
A landmark in the honourable history of literary blasphemy. God invents syphilis to punish humanity, while his son whimpers in heaven, a play that earned its author 30 years of religious and secular persecution.
out of print

cover image
6 Robert Desnos
Mourning for Mourning
Desnos’ own selection of his early stories from Surrealist reviews: fairy-tales from The Period of Sleeping-Fits.
out of print

cover image
7/8 Gerhard Roth
the autobiography of albert einstein
Gerhard Roth’s first “novel” (1972), is a triumphant refutation of the death of modernism: a lucid, morbid and impossible account of what cannot be said, a deranged existence pieced together, an individual at total odds not only with the world, but with the physical basis of his own thought.
out of print

cover image
9 Jacques Rigaut
Lord Patchogue & other texts
Dandy, drug addict, Dadaist, gigolo, suicide: Rigaut’s stories and morbid observations embody his short and perfectly pointless existence.
out of print

cover image
10 Grayson Perry
Cycle of Violence
A cathartic fable of sexual deviation and moral hypocrisy from the near future by the enfant terrible of ceramics.
out of print

cover image
11/12 The College of ’Pataphysics
The True, The Good, The Beautiful. An Elementary Chrestomathy Of ’Pataphysics
English facsimile of the anthology produced by the College for new members as a means of elucidating the science of sciences: the perfect introduction to this all-embracing discipline.
out of print

cover image
13 Xiana
A small general anthology.


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