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Atlas Arkhives

The Arkhives exist to examine and publish previously unavailable material relating to issues, neglected groups and pivotal figures within the avant-garde “anti-tradition” of the last 150 years. Where possible each volume takes a documentary format, an anthology edited by the group itself or one edited with the participation of members. Format 21 x 23 cm, paperback, copiously illustrated.

cover image
1. Dada Berlin
DADA Almanac
Edited by Richard Huelsenback in Berlin, 1920
176pp £14.99 Buy item

cover image
2. French Symbolist & Decadent Writing of the 1890s
The Book Of Masks
Based upon the collection by Remy de Gourmont
304pp £23.00 In basket [remove]
Last few copies

cover image
3. Georges Bataille & Acéphale
Encyclopædia Acephalica
Two collections of texts edited by Georges Bataille, and by Robert Lebel & Isabelle Waldberg
176pp £35.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
4. Fluxus/Nouveau Réalisme
An Anecdoted Topography of Chance
By Daniel Spoerri with Robert Filliou, Emmett Williams and Dieter Roth, illustrated by Roland Topor
240pp out of print
still available in a special edition

cover image
5. Erik Satie
A Mammal’s Notebook
Selected and introduced by Ornella Volta
208pp out of print
Now available in a new edition.

cover image
6. The Oulipo & Ou-X-Pos
Oulipo Compendium
Oulipo Compendium is a late 20th-century kabala, a labyrinth of literary secrets that will lure the unitiated into rethinking everything they know about books and writing.
336pp £28.00 Buy item
Last few copies
also available in a special edition

cover image
7. The Vienna Actionists
Writings of the Vienna Actionists
Edited, introduced and translated by Malcolm Green in collaboration with the artists
272pp out of print
still available in a special edition

cover image
8. Raymond Roussel
The biography by François Caradec
368pp £18.99 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
9. The College of ’Pataphysics


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