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Eclectics & Heteroclites
cover image
1. Hermann Nitsch
on the metaphysics of aggression
Pamphlet offprint of the afterword of the fall of jerusalem, in an edition of 500 copies
out of print

cover image
2. Jennifer Gough-Cooper & Jacques Caumont
Marcel Duchamp A Life In Pictures
Hardback. With full-colour illustrations by André Raffray
£5.99 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
3. Grayson Perry
Cycle of Violence
A graphic novel, limited to 1000 numbered copies.
New hardback edition now available, click here.
out of print

cover image
4. (Adoré Floupette)
The Deliquescences of Adoré Floupette
Paperback, in fuchsia wrappers with lilac slipcase.
Decadent Poems. Rendered into English by Stanley Chapman, with an Afterword by Paul Edwards. Limited to 1000 copies.
£16.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
5. Alice Becker-Ho and Guy Debord
A Game of War
The first English version of this game devised by Guy Debord, with a board and counters for playing. Book: 160 pp., 21 x 17 cm, board 42 x 34 cm.
£80.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
6. Konrad Bayer
the sixth sense
This first English edition of the sixth sense, illustrated by Günter Brus, is limited to 999 numbered copies.
£14.00 Buy item
Last few copies
also available in a special edition

cover image
7. Michel Leiris
Mirror of Tauromachy
Leiris’s book on the bullfight, with illustrations by André Masson drawn especially for it.
£16.00 Buy item

cover image
8. Carlo Emilio Gadda
The Philosophers’ Madonna
Short novel by the author of two of the classics of 20th-century Italian prose.
£12.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
9. Louis-Ferdinand Céline
The very first work by a major French author.
£10.00 Buy item

cover image
10. Georges Perec
Cantatrix Sopranica L., Scientific Papers
A collection of Perec’s scientific writings.
£12.00 Buy item

cover image
11. Norman Douglas
Some Limericks
The long overdue re-issue of a famous, or rather infamous, literary classic: a work of exquisite scholarship and quite startling ribaldry!
£10.00 Buy item

cover image
12. Raymond Roussel
The Dust of Suns
The works of Raymond Roussel remain among the most enigmatic in the whole of French literature.
£10.00 Buy item

cover image
13. Hans Henny Jahnn
The Living Are Few, The Dead Many
The works of Hans Henny Jahnn exploded on to the inter-war literary scene in Germany as a crazed marriage of Gothic Romanticism, modernist literary Expressionism and the experiments of writers such as Döblin and Joyce.
£12.00 Buy item

cover image
14. Marcel Duchamp, Henri-Pierre Roché, Beatrice Wood
3 New York Dadas and the Blind Man
The story of the triangular relationship between Marcel Duchamp, Henri-Pierre Roché and Beatrice Wood in New York in 1917.
£15.00 Buy item

cover image
15. Erik Satie
A Mammal’s Notebook
The largest selection of the writings of Erik Satie yet to appear in English.
£17.50 In basket [remove]

cover image
16. Bruno Corra
Sam Dunn is Dead
First English translation, in the centenary year of its original publication.
£10.50 Buy item

cover image
17. Daniel Spoerri, Robert Filliou, Emmett Williams, Dieter Roth, Roland Topor
An Anecdoted Topography of Chance
£18.99 Buy item
Arkhive edition still available in a special edition

cover image
18. Robert Desnos
The Punishments of Hell
A Dadaist novel from 1922.
£10.00 Buy item

cover image
19. Roland Topor
Head-to-Toe Portrait of Suzanne
£8.99 Buy item

cover image
20. Georges Bataille
The Sacred Conspiracy
The internal papers of the Secret Society of Acéphale and lectures to the College of Sociology.
£24.99 Buy item


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