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The Printed Head

THE PRINTED HEAD series is a means for Atlas to publish titles that have a rather more eccentric appeal than our trade books. They allow us a certain flexibility in our publishing and because of this often appear out of sequence and at slightly erratic intervals. They are generally shorter than trade titles and are only available directly from us (they are not for sale through bookshops). Although primarily aimed at subscribers to each series or volume, individual issues may also be purchased. The series have changed over the years and are individually described below.

FORMAT Each volume comprises around a dozen issues published at irregular intervals. Subscribers to each series, or purchasers of complete sets of series already completed, receive a free matching slipcase and an extra final volume.
Volume I consisted of stapled booklets of between 20 and 48 pages. Volumes II to IV consist of perfect bound books in uniform wrappers of between 64 and 120 pages.

LIMITATION Volume I was limited to 250 copies, thus:
Type (a) Numbers 1 to 50 were signed by the author where mortality permitted.
Type (b) Numbers 51 to 150 reserved for subscribers.
Type (c) Numbers 151 to 250 are available as individual titles.
Volumes II and III were limited to 300 copies, the extra 50 copies being of type (c). Some issues of Volumes II-IV are available individually only as Atlas trade titles.
Volume IV has the same total limitation as the previous two series, but consists of 200 subscriber sets and 100 of type (c), the first issue was available individually as a trade title, under a different cover.

SUBSCRIBING The Printed Head is essentially designed for subscription. Readers request either signed or non-signed issues and receive each title as it appears with the same subscription number: between 13 and 50 for signed editions, 51 and 200 for unsigned. An invoice accompanies each issue, with no pre-payment being required (although to simplify matters foreign subscribers often elect to send us a lump sum from which we deduct the price of each issue). Subscribers may cancel at any time. At the end of each series paid-up subscribers receive a free extra issue and a slipcase to contain the set. Boxed sets of completed series may also be purchased. All titles (except for signed copies,and the final subscribers' issue) may be purchased individually.


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