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Winter Journeys cover image Winter Journeys

The Oulipo

Atlas Anti-Classics 11

Translated by Ian Monk, Harry Mathews & John Sturrock.
ISBN 1 900565 06 4
160pp 19 x 17cm
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There is a newer edition of this book here.
Limited to 947 copies


GEORGES PEREC Le Voyage d’hiver The Winter Journey

JACQUES ROUBAUD Le Voyage d’hier Yesterday’s Journey

HERVÉ LE TELLIER Le Voyage d’Hitler Hitler’s Journey


IAN MONK Le Voyage d’Hoover Hoover’s Journey

JACQUES BENS Le Voyage d’Arvers Arvers’s Journey

MICHELLE GRANGAUD Un Voyage divergent A Divergent Journey

FRANÇOIS CARADEC Le Voyage du ver The Worm’s Journey

REINE HAUGURE Le Voyage du vers Verse’s Journey

HARRY MATHEWS Le Voyage des verres A Journey Amidst Glasses

Le Voyage d’hiver was first published in Saisons (Hachette, Paris 1979); the translation by John Sturrock first appeared in the Penguin “Syrens” series in 1995, and was reprinted in Georges Perec Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Penguin, 1997). Le Voyage d’hier, Le Voyage d’Hitler, Hinterreise, Le Voyage d’Hoover and Le Voyage d’Arvers were originally published in French by the Bibliothèque Oulipienne as limited-edition fascicles (150 copies), nos. 53 (1992), 105, 108, 110 and 112 (all 1999) respectively,and are translated here for the first time. Un Voyage divergent, Le Voyage du ver, Le Voyage du vers and Le Voyage des verres, have not been previously published in French or English.


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