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Selected Works cover image Selected Works

Konrad Bayer

Translated, Edited and Introduced by Malcolm Green.
ISBN 0 947757 06 6
153pp 23 x 15cm
out of print

Konrad Bayer’s suicide at the age of 32 brought to an abrupt end a literary experiment of unusual fanaticism. In the reduced yet lyrical language typical of ’The Vienna Group’ he combined apparently irreconcilable elements - violence, hermeticism, pessimism, ecstacy, banality - and influences (surrealism, ’pataphysics, Wittgenstein, Stirner, Sade et al) into a bizarre linguistic solipsism which has held increasing fascination for German writers of the last 20 years.

This, the first and definitive, selection from his works assembles together a large proportion of his translatable texts, and is accompanied by a full introduction and comprehensive notes and commentaries. It is illustrated by photographs of Bayer from his film collaboration with Ferry Radax Sun Stop!

a decisive turning point in the new literature - Gerhard Roth

his desires were limitless, he wanted to fly, to make himself invisible, he wanted to be able to do everything - Gerhard Rühm

the question is whether one wants to make literature for entertainment...or whether one wants to show something in literature, open up new knowledge, take a step, not forward following a progress gone mad, but into the darkness which in truth surrounds all of us at the end of the metaphysical age. Konrad Bayer has attempted such a step. His literary bequest ought to be studied as its testimony. Perhaps it may serve as an inducement, if I add that fun (even if sinister) comes into its own here - Helmut Heissenbuttel


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