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the sixth sense cover image the sixth sense

Konrad Bayer

Eclectics & Heteroclites 6

Translated and Introduced by Malcolm Green.
ISBN 1 900565 41 2
160pp 15 x 17cm
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This first English edition of the sixth sense, illustrated by GŁnter Brus, is limited to 999 numbered copies.

Konrad Bayer and his fellow members of The Vienna Group took as their mission the reinvention of the post-war avant-garde in Austria after the destruction wrought by National Socialism. He — along with Friedrich Achleitner, H.C. Artmann, Gerhard Ruhm, and Oscar Wiener — developed a unique blend of philosophical speculation and poetic experimentation which incorporated bizarrely heterogeneous elements: the dark humour of Surrealism, the extravagances of German Romanticism, the fabulous conjunctions of alchemy, the linguistic precision of Wittgenstein.

One of the finest flowerings of this impassioned quest is the sixth sense, the novel Bayer had all but finished at the time of his suicide. In it he creates a metaphysical theatre of the word that wryly undermines the very language from which it is constructed. Time and identity are turned inside out in a series of elaborately interwoven episodes set against a backdrop of riots and cataclysms, labyrinths of stone or throbbing meat, and bucolic scenes populated by toyland figures… and not forgetting the inevitable bars of Vienna.

The drawings by GŁnter Brus were made especially for this edition.


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