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poempoems cover image poempoems

Oskar Pastior

The Printed Head
Volume I, Number 5

Translated by Malcolm Green.
ISBN 0 947757 37 6
38pp A5 booklet
out of print

Oskar Pastior was born in Transylvania in 1927 and has lived in W. Germany since 1968, where he has gained a considerable reputation as a poet and enthusiastic performer. This selection from his poempoems (1973) is his first book to appear in English, the selection has been restricted by the fact that many of the poems (there are 71 in all) contain untranslatable word-plays. Pastior has compared these works to: “holography ... to make a text as far as possible such that every part contains the whole. That is an image I hold in front of me.” The author has assisted mightily with these translations.



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