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The Printed Head
Volume II

Format: 21 x 13.5 cm. 300 numbered copies, of which numbers 1 to 50 are signed where possible. Numbers 1 to 150 are reserved for subscribers, 151 to 300 being available individually.


Signed edition: Sold out
Unsigned edition: Sold out

cover image
1 Saint-Pol-Roux
Pauses in the Procession
A sequence of prose poems by the greatest of the Symbolists.
out of print

cover image
2 H. C. Artmann
Sweat and Industry
An oblique look at the oddities of everyday toil from one of the principal writers of “The Vienna Group.” Perverse, touching, anachronistic.
out of print

cover image
3/4 Alfred Jarry
Caesar Antichrist
Caesar Antichrist, partly based upon the apocalyptic events of the Book of Revelation, embodies all of Jarry’s future themes, from Symbolism and the anti-world parallel to this one, the domain of Jarry’s famous science of ’Pataphysics, to Ubu himself (one act of the play is a version of Ubu Rex).
out of print
still available separately in a trade edition

cover image
5 Oskar Panizza
The Council of Love
A landmark in the honourable history of literary blasphemy. God invents syphilis to punish humanity, while his son whimpers in heaven, a play that earned its author 30 years of religious and secular persecution.
out of print

cover image
6 Robert Desnos
Mourning for Mourning
Desnos’ own selection of his early stories from Surrealist reviews: fairy-tales from The Period of Sleeping-Fits.
out of print

cover image
7/8 Gerhard Roth
the autobiography of albert einstein
Gerhard Roth’s first “novel” (1972), is a triumphant refutation of the death of modernism: a lucid, morbid and impossible account of what cannot be said, a deranged existence pieced together, an individual at total odds not only with the world, but with the physical basis of his own thought.
out of print

cover image
9 Jacques Rigaut
Lord Patchogue & other texts
Dandy, drug addict, Dadaist, gigolo, suicide: Rigaut’s stories and morbid observations embody his short and perfectly pointless existence.
out of print

cover image
10 Grayson Perry
Cycle of Violence
A cathartic fable of sexual deviation and moral hypocrisy from the near future by the enfant terrible of ceramics.
out of print

cover image
11/12 The College of ’Pataphysics
The True, The Good, The Beautiful. An Elementary Chrestomathy Of ’Pataphysics
English facsimile of the anthology produced by the College for new members as a means of elucidating the science of sciences: the perfect introduction to this all-embracing discipline.
out of print

cover image
13 Xiana
A small general anthology.


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