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The Printed Head
Volume III

Format: 21 x 13.5 cm. 300 numbered copies, of which numbers 1 to 50 are signed where possible. Numbers 1 to 150 are reserved for subscribers, 151 to 300 being available individually.


Signed edition: Sold out
Unsigned edition: Sold out

cover image
1 Jacques Vaché
War Letters
Vaché’s letters, a seminal work in the history of Dada & Surrealism, with 4 introductory essays by Breton
out of print

cover image
2 Unica Zürn
The House of Illnesses
Illustrated texts written during one of the author’s stays in hospital. Zürn was the companion/lover of Hans Bellmer in Paris, and like him was both artist and writer.
out of print

cover image
3 Peter Blegvad
Selected writings and drawings from this unique artist/musician.
out of print

cover image
4 Alfred Jarry & Henry Meyer
The Antliaclasts
A translation of both versions of Jarry’s splendidly adolescent play Les Antliaclastes, with Meyer’s comic-strip version of it and other related texts and drawings. Meet the shit-pump!
out of print

cover image
5 Georges Limbour
4 Stories
Stories by the “dissident” Surrealist, colleague of Leiris and Bataille, and later a member of the Collège de ’Pataphysique: a very underrated author.
out of print

cover image
6 Pol Bury
Paintings of the Fortuitous School in Public Collections
Entirely serious explorations of what is possible in painting using media of surprising provenance. Pol Bury was an associate of COBRA and the founder of Daily Bul.
£5.50 Buy item

cover image
7 Konrad Bayer
the head of vitus bering
Bayer’s greatest work with his own introduction, not published before.
out of print
still available separately in a trade edition

cover image
8 Paul Nougé
Works Selected by Marcel Mariën
Shortly before his recent and much regretted death, Marcel Mariën, Nougé’s collaborator and friend, agreed to edit and introduce this first selection in English from the works of the “leader” of the Belgian Surrealists.
£15.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
9 Hans Henny Jahnn
The Night of Lead
Self-revelations after time and death, an extraordinary novella from the oddest of the German Expressionists whose works are undergoing a complete re-evaluation in France with a number of translations are appearing.
out of print

cover image
10 The College of ’Pataphysics
A True History of the College of ’Pataphysics
A chronology followed by the important doctrinal documents relating to this most mysterious institution: the manifestos, Testament of Sandomir, communications of the Vice-Curators Mollet and Opach, the Calendar, Statutes, and bibliography. A scholastic work of reference which will correct many misapprehensions about the College in the English-speaking world and provide the basis for our future publication of texts from College reviews subsequent to its disoccultation in the year 2000. Subscribers also receive a pocket College calendar laid in.
out of print
still available separately in a trade edition

cover image
11 Xiana 2
Miscellany of texts related to Atlas Press preoccupations.


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