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The Printed Head
Volume IV

Format: 21 x 13.5 cm. 300 numbered copies, of which numbers 1 to 50 are signed where possible. Numbers 1 to 200 are reserved for subscribers, 201 to 300 being available individually.


Signed edition: Sold out
Unsigned edition: Sold out

cover image
1/2 Federico García Lorca
The Unknown Lorca
Dialogues, dramatic projects, unfinished plays and a filmscript.
£10.00 Buy item
Last few copies

cover image
3 Donald Parsnips
An A to Z For The Effective Use Of Your City
Compiled with the aid of five years’ back issues of Donald Parsnip’s daily journal, a breeze-borne pamphlet and art object that seeks to place “encounter” into comtemporary “mediation”.
out of print

cover image
4/5 Jehan Sylvius & Pierre de Ruysnes
The Devil’s Popess
An apocalyptic pseudonymous erotic novel long attributed to Robert Desnos and Ernest de Gengenbach.
£9.00 Buy item

cover image
6 Max Jacob
The Dice Cup
Prose poems by one of the founders of modernism.
out of print

cover image
7 H. C. Artmann
Skewed Tales
Artmann filters the standard themes of Gothic horror through a baroque apparatus of linguistic virtuosity.
£6.00 Buy item

cover image
8/9 Gerhard Roth
On The Brink
A “detective story” of unique ferocity and eloquence, which juxtaposes realistic description with stunning evocations of mental instability. Illustrated by Günter Brus.
£9.00 Buy item

cover image
10/11 Theo Van Doesburg
What is Dada???
The most characteristic architect of De Stijl, who also wrote Dada texts, manifestos and poems under the name of I.K. Bonset, and performed them across Holland with Kurt Schwitters. Translated here for the first time.
£9.00 Buy item

cover image
12 Urmuz
The Complete Works
A forgotten figure of virtuous brevity…
out of print

13 Daniel Spoerri, Robert Filliou, Roland Topor
Monsters Are Inoffensive
A set of 20 postcards originally published by Fluxus Editions with new introductions by Spoerri and Topor (written just before his death in 1997).


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