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Department of Reconstructive Archaeology

The Department of Reconstructive Archaeology is dedicated to the re-making of lost cultural artefacts (literary, artistic, scientific, etc.), but also envisages being able to apply its techniques to the re-creation of any culturally determined construct (for example, languages, modes of behaviour, belief systems, etc.).

The Department, being a division of the London Institute of ’Pataphysics, has no prejudices regarding the superior validity of “the real” over “the fictional”, “the imaginary” or “the virtual”. If members of the Department find themselves rather more drawn towards research in the latter categories, this is largely a matter of personal inclination, and because we suspect that the domain of the real has been trampled flat by those of a more orthodox archaeological bent.

The Department is concerned not simply with archaeology, but with reconstruction, with practicalities rather than contemplation. Of course, the Department is well aware that this is by no means a novel approach. Since at least Thor Heyerdahl, citing only the most obvious popular example, archaeology has utilised practical demonstrations to corroborate the plausibility of its hypotheses. The Department does not share this dogged utilitarianism, however, having no hypotheses to prove, and no itches to scratch, ideological or otherwise.

Joint Directors: Magnus Irvin, Alastair Brotchie

1. Encomia for Anthony Hancock
2. Anthony Hancock Retrospective Postcards
3. Anthony Hancock Retrospective Poster
4. The Hancock Project
5. Anthony Hancock, Paintings and Sculpture, A Retrospective Exhibition

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