How to buy

How to Buy a Publication
How to Buy a Publication
We accept orders online using Paypal and the cards shown below in pounds sterling (£), Euros (€) or US dollars ($).

Please see the for more details of the shopping procedure.

We aim to deliver mail-order books within a week to ten working days. Some online retailers advertise that they can deliver books almost immediately, but the convenience of this is bought at a very heavy cost to their staff and suppliers. Atlas is a small set-up, and we have no intention of operating in this way, so we ask for your understanding here! If you do not receive your books within this period, or do not receive an email confirming your order has been posted and with an estimated delivery date, please write to: Many thanks!

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Trade Orders

    Orders of our trade titles from bookshops should be made through our various distributors listed below.
    Trade outlets wishing to purchase non-trade titles should contact Chris Allen.
    UK & Europe
    Turnaround Publisher Services
    Unit 3, Olympia Trading Estate
    Coburg Road
    London N22 6TZ
    Tel: 020 8829 3002
    Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.
    155 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor
    New York
    NY 10013
    Tel: (212) 627-1999
    Fax: (212) 627-9484
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